Summer is the season where relaxed clothes are de rigueur. The warm sunny days call for a more flexible and comfortable dress codes such as t-shirts, polo shirts and khakis instead of the stifling suits, flannels and cardigans.

T-shirt – T-shirts, although considered underwear, is the ultimate in casualness and is now an acceptable outerwear for summer, especially those offered by quality designers. No one will look at you with raised eyebrows if you wear a t-shirt at work, to school, to a bar or local café. It is also the best wear for the beach and for a lazy afternoon at the park. But if t-shirt is your choice, make sure that it’s made of 100% cotton and neither too tight nor too loose. You can also design t-shirts to look attractive in summers.

Short Sleeve Polo Shirt – Short sleeved polo shirts got its origin from the golf course and other sports arenas where its absorbent material makes it a popular choice of male athletes. These days, a short sleeved polo short is the standard men fashion for summer of most all- American males and worn everywhere any day of the week. Short sleeved polo shirts are manufactured by the very best designers and manufacturers in men’s fashion and they come in all kinds of fabrics and colors.


Short Sleeved Button-Down Shirt – The short sleeved button-down shirt is another men fashion for summer but is slightly under- utilized since it’s quite difficult to achieve a “great look” with this attire. In wearing a button-down short sleeved shirt, a perfect fit is the key since there is no other garment to hide the imperfection. If you have a short sleeved button-down shirt that has been languishing in your wardrobe because of a bad fit, bring it to your tailor and have it altered to fit and see how it will serve you well this summer. One advantage of this men fashion for summer wear is its versatility when it comes to fabric and design or pattern selection.

Along with dresses we also recommend about shoes to wear in summer.

The men’s shoes fashion for 2017 is as many as they’re varied. There is a style and type that is perfect for any occasion and setting for every workday and for the weekend. Browse through this list of some of the men’s shoes fashion and take your pick for the perfect pairs of your choice.

Derbies – Although there is no such thing as a pair of shoes that can be paired to both a track suit and formal suit, or a pair of shoes that you can wear everywhere, a pair of Derbies is one that you can wear ALMOST everywhere. The versatility of this men’s shoes fashion model is due to its simple design, dark rich color and classic style.

Wing tip shoes – wing tip shoes are the perfect pair of shoes that can be worn for work. It’s dark brown polish, thin leather soles and closed-lace style could be paired with any three-piece suit.

Oxford shoes – Oxford shoes are the type of men’s shoe fashion that are also ideal for work. A finely constructed pair of back oxfords with a toe that’s not really square nor round but also not very pointy could be paired with any business suit.

Boots – Well polished and finely constructed black boots are also great pair of work shoes and one of the most popular men’s shoes fashion for 2017.

Monk strap – A pair of two thin-strap monk strap with light buckles is a very respectable pair of men’s shoes fashion that you can wear for work.

Loafers – If you’re not too keen on laces, an artfully constructed pair of attraction-getter leather loafers with high-polish is the kind of men’s shoes fashion that will gain you a lot of respect at work.

The beauty of these men’s shoes fashion is that they are not only perfect for work but can also be worn on weekend jaunts.