To be a public speaker is not an easy task. You have to stand in front of many people to deliver a speech so that they may be persuaded, motivated, or encouraged. This task is not simple as other people in the audience may not believe you or may not want to listen to you. So it is important to get the audience’s attention so that they will be engaged in your speech. With this, you can start building rapport with your audience. The term icebreaker simply means to do something so that you can get your audience’s attention. This is very important especially in bigger groups which need formal way or approach. Smaller groups can go casual and therefore needs to be more interactive.

An effective public speaker should know how to break the ice. In bigger groups, you can start by cracking a joke. It does not need to be absolutely funny. Even corny ones could pass. The most important thing is it was able to capture those eyes that were once not looking at you. However, if you think you are not the very humorous person on earth, then you can ask questions to your audience and let them raise their hands if they want to answer. Make sure that the questions are answerable and of course if possible related to the topic being discussed or it could be an eye opener. Telling a story could also be very interesting. If the people are engaged about your story, you can divide the story in two so that the listeners would hang on until the end to listen to the last part of the story. Moreover, breaking news could also be possible so that everybody would be very interested to listen. You can present statistics if you like. Lastly, as a speaker, you can start your speech by saying a quote that is an opener to the topic. By far, these are the most common ways to break the ice for bigger groups.


For smaller groups, breaking the ice is not very time consuming. So you can start out by asking everyone to introduce themselves one by one in the most creative way that they can. You can also ask their involvement by asking them to say an adjective about the person next to them. Or other public speakers give out a short quiz. These are the most common ways to break the ice in smaller group.

Breaking the ice is very important in public speaking Melbourne if you are located in Melbourne. It is like a make or break part. If you can break the ice well, then you can easily gain the trust of your audience therefore building rapport will be very easy. A good and effective public speaker should know different strategies about breaking the ice. Following these strategies may be effective and most of the time they work. The key to a great speech is to always practice and to be confident.. Even the delivery of the ice breakers should be practiced.